Can We Find The Courage To Express Our Hearts?

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Posted on August 10, 2020

I am still afraid of being seen, of being heard, and to take up space Anyone else able to relate to this? 

This is a theme that continues to show up for me and no wonder - for centuries now women have been conditioned to play small, not take up too much space, to be quiet, likeable and palatable. This is not just coding from this lifetime but from many past lives as well. In those past lives we were killed, abused, or silenced in many ways for speaking our truth and for embodying the divine feminine (...and this still happens in many parts of the World today). The divine feminine feels like a threat to the patriarchy and the disembodied masculine creating a World in which only the opinions and beliefs of few count and those of others are diminished. Not much has changed. 

We have gone so far “yang” that we need all of the “yin” to counter the imbalances that we are seeing expressed every single day. We need to find the courage to express our hearts, to be heard and seen – as this is the only way for our reality to reflect this truth. We cannot continue to hide in the shadows, accept structures and ways of being that are the opposite of what we feel to be right, fair, humanitarian, equal (… insert any other adjective that fits here) and expect things to be different or to feel in alignment. 

In this lifetime, I have freedom of speech and I have opportunities to serve the World with my truth without the direct fear or threat of death – yet this deep encoded wounding still makes me take on roles to play by the rules of this society. Somehow, I still find my light dimmed by Corporate America, religious doctrine, outdated gender roles and by my conditioning of having to sound, look, and act a certain way to be accepted and successful. It still happens, even though I know better. This is what conditioning does to us. It makes us live from a place of fear and limiting beliefs. 

I know that my current personal transformation is to continue to shed this coding and to further deepen the trust I have to follow my fierce feminine intuition and to help others do the same. Because why would I choose to trust the guidance of a society that has gone so far “yang” and is causing so many terrible disasters over my own intuition? Why would I choose to play a role in this society that continues to diminish expression from the heart, truth, and love? 

True freedom is that fact that we get to choose to listen to our intuition. We get to choose to embody both the masculine and the feminine. We get to choose to be honest with ourselves about our heart’s true desires. We get to choose to freely express our truths on behalf of not only our own transformation but the transformation of the collective. 

Will this be easy? Certainly not. Choosing to heed the call and to go down a path of a spiritual awakening is not easy. It is going to bring you to your knees but it will awaken you to the depths of yourself and it is there where you can dismantle these limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. Fact is that we are all being awakened right now. We are being shown where and how we are resisting our divinity and our purpose in this lifetime. So I ask you to consider: 

  1. Can we find the courage to allow the flow of divinity? 
  2. Can we share our voices, our beliefs and opinions in ways that allow the opinions of others to exist? 
  3. Can we express our own unique gifts for the good of all?