Developing Your Clairs

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Posted on November 03, 2020

Even if you know nothing about the Clairs, you have likely heard the term clairvoyant as a description of someone who can see into the future or you might have heard it being used as a term to describe a psychic.

This is a very simplistic way to use the term and, in this article, I will explain what the Clairs are (yes there are more than just clairvoyance), how you can recognize and further develop them. Yes, YOU - you can develop your Clairs! We all have them and if you’ve read any of my other blog posts before then you know that I say it all the time:

Everyone is psychic and everyone can learn to speak the language of intuition

Our sensory system(s)

And the way an which we do this is through our senses or more specifically, through our paraphysical sensory system. We’re all very much in tune with our physical senses which are touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing and we use our physical senses to pick up on physical stimuli. But we also have senses that are able to detect energy that lies outside of what we are able to perceive through just our physical senses and those are part of what is called our paraphysical sensory system.

Whenever we receive a “ping” or psychic impression, we are actually using our paraphysical senses to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the impression. Clair comes from French and means “clear” and therefore, our Clairs are our clear senses that are able to work with invisible stimuli and provide clarity. 

The 5 Clairs:  

  • Clairvoyance is the ability of clear seeing. Think of it as images/ visions being projected right onto the mind’s eye. These are images that bypass the visual system so this can happen with eyes open or closed.
  • Clairaudience is the ability of clear hearing. This is being able to hear voices or sound inside your head that usually appears out of nowhere. You can think of it as the way you hear in your dreams.
  • Clairsentience is the ability of clear sensing. Many empaths would be considered clairsentient. Think of it as being able to feel other people’s feelings or to have a knowing of information which is also called Claircognizance.
  • Clairgustance is the ability of clear tasting. It is being able to perceive taste in the absence of anything in your mouth. Think of it like being able to taste and smell your grandmother’s pie by just thinking of it.
  • Clairsent, you guessed it, is the ability of clear smelling. Being able to perceive aroma, fragrance or odor. As your olfactory system is closely linked to memory, the psychic impression is usually to do with a memory that will contain a link to a message.

Most of us have one or two Clairs that are naturally more developed and come more easily to us. My primary Clairs are Clairvoyance and Clairsentient although I sometimes receive my messages through Claircognizance and Clairaudience. However, we all have the ability to develop all 5 Clairs over time. Below I will list a few fun and easy exercises that will help you practice.

How to Develop Your Clairs:

Of course, one of the first things to do is to establish a regular meditation practice so you can quiet the outside World and stimuli that keep you tuned into your physical sensory system. In addition, it very much helps if you can start to clear your energy and become very self-aware in terms of your body and your feelings. Being able to easily access your paraphysical sensory system requires an ability to sense higher frequencies and that means being able to manage your own energy first.

These exercises can be done no matter how skilled you already are.

How to Practice


  • Visualization: Take 10-15 min each day to imagine playing out your dream home / job / relationship in your head like a movie with as much detail as possible (colors, feelings, textures, etc.) – this isn’t just a good way to practice your clairvoyance but it is also a great manifestation tool
  • Practice seeing images –have a friend give you an image and describe in detail what you see including colors, textures and any other sensation that might come up like feelings, and sensation
  • Isolate Clairvoyance – If you already use your Clairs to give messages or readings, try practicing solely using your Clairvoyance without any other impression from the other Clairs


  • Listen: Practice listening to subtle sounds; instead of tuning out sounds allow them to come in. Practice this during meditation.
  • Isolate Clairaudience: Practice solely using your Clairaudience without any other impression from the other Clairs. You can also ask your guides to help you with clairaudience by giving you a name or a street sign in your readings.


  • Psychometry: Tune into the energy of an object by touching it with your hands. You use clairsentience to pick up a feeling for a person, place or thing.
  • Feeling: Have someone hide an object in your apartment or house and try to feel where the object is. Imagine a beam of light connecting you to the energy of the item and ask questions such as: Does this feel high or low? Is it covered? 

Clairgustance and Clairsent:

  • Eat: Have a partner or a friend eat a piece of chocolate, fruit, bread etc. without you knowing wat they are eating. Try to sense what they are eating by tuning into their energy. Ask: Is it sweet, savory or sour? What does it smell like? Is it soft or crunchy? 

Remember that there is no wrong way to do this as everyone gets different input to their Clairs and therefore the experience is very individualized. Just like everyone perceives the World through their own filter, the same is true about how you receive psychic impressions. The most important thing is to trust what comes and to have the courage to express it. What you perceive might not always make sense in the moment or might not make sense to you but it does not mean that it is wrong because it will make sense possibly at a later time or to the person you are giving the message to.

And most importantly, have fun and don’t hide your gifts!