Know - Believe - Trust - Act - Love

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Posted on September 21, 2020

A theme that has been present for me recently in my meditations, oracle card readings, as well as channeled writings has been: TRUTH. An oracle card I pulled talked about taking an act toward truth to unveil what has been concealed. The description of the card’s meaning also included a quote from Picasso that struck me beautifully:

“We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, least the truth that is given us to understand.”

I really think this to be so beautifully profound, don’t you? We talk about truth, being truthful, and finding our true self. But what is our truth and how do we access it?

I think the oracle said it well – we have to take an act toward unveiling the truth. This act can be expressed through art, a gesture, a conversation, a ritual or simply by taking the next right step.

Truth is always there, omnipresent. Truth is always accessible. Yet too often truth is concealed by the veil of what we perceive to be reality. Even worse, we often choose a false self and false reality to avoid the truth. Just think about social media for a second. This is a virtual reality that has been seeping into every fiber of our actual reality to the point where it is hard to distinguish what is truth. Truth seems to have become a constantly moving goalpost.  

More often than not, actions are taken toward concealing the truth instead of aligning actions to reveal it. We look to sources outside of ourselves to access our own truth. We change or hide facts and tell little white lies to be acceptable or to not upset others. We embrace false realities because they benefit us in the moment or simply because it is easier to do so.  

We may even think that we are doing the right thing because we are simply going along with what society has deemed to be the acceptable truth. Not realizing, that in the process, we are denying ourselves access to our own. Living a false self, in a fake reality – going through the motions like an unconscious puppet.

Ruminating on this topic, I was called to do some automatic writing. The download was a beautiful lesson on the process of how to arrive at our truth and how to align our actions to help us reveal it. This download was very much a lesson for me but it was also to be shared with all of you.

“Know, believe, trust, act and love” – this is your process. This is your path. It is all there for you and accessible to you in different stages.

But you my dear, you have a knowing of your path and you have a belief that it will happen. You believe in the guidance of the Universe. You are in the process of developing a deeper sense of trust. You are in the process of surrendering. But as this is unfolding, we are working up beliefs around worthiness, deservedness and your relation to love. We are asking you now to love yourself, connect with your true self, come home to yourself.”

This is just an excerpt of the written download which went on and into more detail of this process which is what I have summarized for you below:

Know, Believe, Trust, Act, Love


What does it mean to know? To have an inner knowing? Is it a feeling? Is it a thought? Is it something planted into our subconscious mind? Is it something that has always been there – like an eternal database – that we can access to gain the insight we need at the right time and place? Yes, actually it is kind of like that. Knowing is about becoming aware of our eternal wisdom. Becoming aware of the endless source of universal wisdom that is already within us and accessible to us.


To believe is an integral part of the process. It is the key to unlocking the “knowing”. Belief in universal wisdom and our ability to access this frequency will unlock it - wisdom that lay dormant in a cloud of psychic amnesia.


This is the mechanism that allows us to bring this wisdom and insight to life, to act on it, to share it, to listen to it – even if at first incomprehensible or illogical. Trust allows us to jump from the rational to the sacred and mystical. We learn to trust that this wisdom is infinite whereas the rational is finite.


It is much to ask to blindly trust in the insights and guidance we receive, isn’t it? That is why we say learning to trust because it is a process. Trust is something that is developed over time by seeing or feeling the results of the guidance. But it is impossible to develop this level of trust without acting on the guidance or inner wisdom we receive. The Universe doesn’t act until we do since we have free-will. It is up to us to take spirit-led action.

This is where many (me included) get stuck. We do all the work to develop awareness and to deepen our beliefs – we even receive a ton of guidance or intuitive pings but we are afraid to act on this guidance – often because of our limiting beliefs. Inaction or resistance is signaling to the Universe that we don’t fully trust yet – keeping us in a holding pattern. We have to move through our fears and limiting beliefs with action. We have to get uncomfortable and build our trust muscle.


Love is the ingredient that holds space for us as we awaken, as our awareness deepens. It holds us while we stumble and learn our lessons and it is what reminds us to continue to come home to ourselves. We are love.


Truth -
Truth is a vibration
Truth spoken or revealed can shift energetics at the cellular level within as without
Truth is contagious when shared and hands out permission slips for others to do the same
Truth is recognizable when present and sensed when hidden
Truth brings clarity and freedom when it is lived
Truth is love