Hey, I'm Siobhan.

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About Me

I am thrilled and grateful that you found your way to my site. It is here, where I will share my personal stories, inspirational insights, and helpful resources.

But before we go on, I want to properly introduce myself. You are probably wondering how to say my name so let me help you out: Siobhan - pronounced [shi-VAUGHN]. As an Irish girl living in America, this comes with the territory and makes for some fun coffee order alter egos.

I have a strong curiosity for our life purpose, the people we encounter and relationships we form, opportunities that are disguised as obstacles, how we navigate societal norms and structures, and most importantly how we learn, grow and heal through it all. This curiosity coupled with my passion for developing my own intuitive awareness has expanded my perspectives on life and our soul's purpose.

But how did I get here? From the outside looking in, I embodied the definition of success - I grew up in a small town in Germany to immigrant parents, got a full-ride to college and graduate school in the United States, was a successful Olympic and Division 1 athlete, and my first job was a six figure corporate job in NYC. Sounds great, right? But a few years into my career - reality set in and I was depressed, isolated, and confused about my direction. I had the realization that I spent the first three decades of my life chasing outwardly success, took on various roles to fit in and survive, but I had not a clue who I truly was. This time of confusion was the catalyst for me to start looking within, to connect with my intuition and spiritual gifts, and set out on the journey of self-discovery and healing.


There have been quiet moments in my life where I would ponder how I ended up taking a path so different from most people I know. Irish girl from Germany who went from being an Olympic athlete to Corporate Executive in NYC to Intuitive Consultant?! It was only when I started developing my intuition and self-awareness that I have come to realize that my unique path with all its human pitfalls has provided me with exactly what I need to be able to best relate to YOU!

When working with clients, I am able to draw upon my training and teachings, spiritual and metaphysical principles, as well as techniques that have made me successful as an athlete and professional. I have built my business on a desire to share my gifts and empower you to become self-aware and live your most authentic human experience. I believe that we all can make a huge impact to the collective consciousness by taking charge of our own growth and healing - one small change, act of kindness, word, and choice at a time.

Don't get me wrong, I do not have it all figured out. Just like you, I am living my human experience and have days filled with fear and self-doubt. I've learned however that life is about progress (not perfection) and healing happens from a place of acceptance, honesty, vulnerability and a good dose of self-care. I am committed to keeping it real with you when sharing what I am living and learning and I sincerely hope to instill a sense that your life can be meaningful, spiritually-aligned and beautifully messy all at the same time.

I hope that this is just the beginning of us getting to know each other.

With love,

Siobhan Claire