Speaking Engagements

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Speaking Engagements

Siobhan’s talks and workshops are designed to inspire and teach and to arm you with actionable tools for your journey inward, your work, or your personal life.

With Siobhan’s multi-faceted background and experience, she designs her content to meet the needs of her audience - whether she is speaking at a corporate office, speaking to sports teams, or at a spiritual retreat. 


W.I.T.C.H. - Women In Total Conscious Healing 

Even the most outwardly successful people struggle to find their own power and truth in this World. In my signature talk, I vulnerably share about my personal journey that took me from a small town in Germany to the Olympic Stage and to Corporate America but left me depressed and directionless. I hope to inspire the audience by sharing how I was able to break away from my conditioning and redefine myself from the insight out by setting out on a journey of becoming a Woman In Total Conscious Healing. This signature speech brings inspiration and humor to a relatable story and actionable guidance to help you reflect on who you are, what you feel, and what you desire. 


Strengthen Your Intuitive Awareness

By now, everyone knows that mindfulness and meditation are helpful and almost every successful business person, celebrity, or athlete has a practice that works for them. However, you have tried a few apps and just don’t seem to get the hang of it. My workshops are designed to first teach you about your own self- awareness and intuition; then help you integrate mindfulness practices and tools into your day-to day life so you can live a more mindful and spiritually aligned life – at the office, on the field, or at the dinner table.