Why You Are the Reason Psychics Can't Predict the Future

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Posted on May 27, 2019

Why You Are the Reason Psychics Can’t Predict the Future

If you still believe that psychics use crystal balls to predict the future or that they are able to read your innermost thoughts, then you might certainly be taken advantage of by so called “sidewalk psychics” that make such claims. In this article, I am going to bust a few commonly held myths about the work of psychic mediums and why it is so easy for people to say they got it wrong.

Before we delve into what psychic mediums can or cannot do and why, let’s level set a few fundamentals that will hopefully allow you to understand the work of a psychic medium from a spiritual point of view instead of looking at it as entertainment.

Fate Versus Destiny

Although most often used interchangeably, there actually is a difference between the two. You may ask what this has to do with psychic medium predictions but let me ensure you that it has everything to do with it.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, fate is “the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power”. Fate are the events, people, and circumstances that we agreed to in your soul contract before reincarnating in this lifetime. Although this can be difficult to accept at times, in Spiritualism we believe that we choose our parents, our physical location, our body, race, sexual orientation as well as certain fated events to occur. We choose these fated circumstances to advance our own personal soul growth, to address karma from our past lives, and to heal.

The importance is not necessarily fate itself, but it is more about how we grow through these predetermined circumstances. How do we overcome, respond, and learn from circumstances in our life? We can either let them guide us or we can let them trip us up and stall us in our progress.

And I am certain that everyone of us can think of a certain lesson that keeps showing up for us just wrapped in a different disguise. But these are the types of fated circumstances that will continue to show up for us until we have learned the lessons necessary for our soul growth.

Now, how does fate relate to destiny? Destiny is defined as “something to which a person or thing is destined”. Destiny is our true purpose and potential in this lifetime – our calling, the vision our higher self has for what we could achieve in this lifetime.

Achieving our destiny, however, is determined by how we address and overcome our fated circumstances, the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the signs we notice, and the feelings we honor. This is also what we refer to as free will and it is important to understand the concept of free will in the context of psychic medium predictions.

Why Some Predictions Come True and Others Do Not

Although certain future events can be seen and felt through precognition which is defined as the perception of a future event that could not be known through rational inference, the 100% exact timing and details of such events cannot.

Let’s cover why certain predictions come true and others don’t

#1 - Free Will

We as humans are responsible for the reality we create. Certain fated events will inevitably occur but the way in which they show up and when is determined by our own actions, decisions and thoughts. And guess what? Other humans around us are also involved in our manifesting process, they also have free will and as much as we sometimes would like to, we cannot control other humans.

Now imagine the following scenario. You receive a prediction that you are supposed to meet your soulmate during a Christmas party this year. You are so excited and attend every Christmas party you are invited to but by the time the party season is over, you are still single. And of course, the first conclusion you make is that the psychic was full of s***!

But before jumping to that conclusion, blaming it on the failed prediction, and dismissing the message all together, did you even consider any other potential interference? What if your soulmate decided he wasn’t in the mood to go to the party he was invited to? What if you both showed up at different times because your friend made you late? What if you were both at the party but your expectation of what your soulmate should look like, prevented you from actually seeing him? What if you actually did interact but you dismissed any potential because of your preconceived notions of what it should feel like to meet your soulmate? And just because it didn’t occur the way you expected, doesn’t mean that it won’t. I think you get the point – free will.

#2 - Spirit Guides Us

Before reincarnating we have already decided the lessons that we want to learn and what we need to experience for soul growth and healing and we carry this knowledge deep in our super-conscious mind while on earth. Unfortunately, in our human experience we often are so disconnected that we are not consciously aware of all these predetermined circumstances. Although every one of us has the ability to expand our awareness only some of us decide to learn to use our intuitive awareness to tap into the support that we have around us at any given moment. This is exactly what connecting with spirit, your spirit loved ones, your guides or your higher-self is about – support.

Now why can’t spirit tell us what is going to happen in the future? Well, referring to #1 – Free Will, spirit doesn’t know everything that will occur because it is not up to them but it is up to you. Spirit will only guide us on our path but spirit will not interfere with how we choose to live our lives. Revealing exact details of how our life will unfold would directly interfere with our soul contract, our human experience and our growth. Therefore, when seeing a psychic medium keep in mind that messages from spirit are to guide and help us on our path but that we are the ones in the driver seat. We can choose to let signs and messages from spirit guide us, give us hope and direction or we can choose to ignore them. You are in control.

#3 – Nothing Is Constant

A reading occurs at a moment in time and a psychic medium is tuning into your energy field at that given moment. At that moment in time there are a series of thoughts, ideas and causes which have been recorded in the ether of space by you but have not yet manifested in the physical dimension. A psychic is able to perceive future events based on what s/he perceives as a trend based of what has been set in motion by you. Therefore, any predictions a psychic medium could make is based on your energy (psychic reading) or guidance from spirit (mediumistic reading). Although the prediction could be accurate at that given moment, nothing is constant. You and the people around you change. You could do something the following day which could then change the course. Also, remember that just because something did not happen at the time predicted, does not mean that it won’t happen – if it is a fated event it will occur just maybe not when and how you expected it to.

#4 - We Receive What We Are Ready For

Since spirit is intending to provide us with loving guidance and support with their messages, it is important to note that we also only receive what we are ready for, what we are open to receiving and what has been set in motion through cause and effect. Psychic Mediums are the conduit or translator of these messages from spirit but they do not control what messages you will receive that day or who on the other side decides to show up for you.

Keep an Open Mind

Psychic Mediums are light-workers and choose to use their gifts to help you connect with your lost loved ones, spirit guides, and your higher self to give you hope, closure, support and guidance. They are not fortune tellers. So, if you are curious about getting a reading from a Psychic Medium keep an open mind and remember that ultimately you are personally responsible for your future - you make decisions based on your soul contract and free will.

If you would like to learn more about how I conduct readings and what you can expect, check out my Intuitive Reading page where I provide additional detail or feel free to send me a note with comments or questions.