Would You Call Creativity Witchcraft?

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Posted on July 28, 2020

Ever since I’ve been more public about the fact that I am a psychic medium, skeptics will challenge me on “how do I know where the information comes from” and “how can I know that the information I receive is from Spirit” and “where is the evidence”?

It is in no way my job to try and convince anyone or prove anything. Even more so it is futile to try to explain something to someone who is hell bent on misunderstanding you anyway. My only job is to try to show up as authentically as possible and live my life according to my highest purpose – and being a psychic medium is part of that purpose.

But every so often I will answer these questions with my own set of questions: “Do you believe that creativity exists? Where does creativity come from? And can you prove where it comes from?”

My point in posing these questions is not to be a smart a$$ (well maybe a little) but rather I pose these questions to get people to think about the fact that there are abilities (like creativity) that we accept as normal and innate without being able to fully explain them. But then turn around and question the existence of supposedly “other” abilities because they can’t explain them.

So… where does creativity come from? How do you receive your creative vision, a melody, a beat or riff? What makes you become inspired?

Have you ever pondered these questions?

Many artists, when asked about their source of inspiration, will say that they had a vision or a dream; that they saw or heard something that caught their attention. Artists allow inspiration to flow through them as a channel and then manifest this inspiration in the form of their craft. Inspiration is a catalyst to allow imagination and creative juices to flow and bring visions, feelings, and audible experiences to life.

We accept that artists are inspired, imaginative and sometimes even a little “out there” with their creative and personal expression. It is totally deemed “normal” (by society’s standards). Art and creative energy are widely celebrated socially and culturally – and rightfully so. Unique, authentic, and inspired expression is the truest form of expression.

Many artists would even say that their talents are God-given or sacred gifts (I AGREE!!). Inspiration = In Spirit. And many artists even have a ritual around accessing their creative state or flow – a sort of meditative and receptive state.

When we talk about artists and their creative processes, no one blinks an eye. I've never heard of anyone who denies that creativity, imagination, and inspiration exist. Although, some people might be more creatively inclined or talented, everyone has the ability to be creative, inspired, intuitive and imaginative. After all, this is the function of our right brain hemisphere, which is associated with creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, visualization and holistic thought.

Now, the NEWSFLASH– psychics and psychic mediums use the same right brain hemisphere to process inspiration, intuition and energy and express this through their craft – most often in form of spoken and written word. Intuitives receive energy, are able to read and decipher it, and use it to inspire and create messages.

Can you see where I am going with this?

If we can agree that inspiration, creativity, and intuition are functions of our right brain hemisphere and that all human beings have access to these functions, then all of us have the ability to feel, hear, see, and perceive inspiration. Therefore, …


Oh yes, I said it! Cue the gasps, the shocked faces, the disbelief and the denial. You don’t need to belief it, for it to be true. When the World was believed to be flat, the truth was always that it was round.

Just like we tap into our creativity, we tap into our psychic abilities all the time - even if subconsciously. One of the reasons that this type of creative expression is not acceptable is because psychics and mediums allow expression from God / Universe / Divine / Shakti / Spirit or whatever you call source. Such expression directly challenges the notion that any inspired information from “outside” of us has to be from God the way God is defined by Judeo-Christian dogma. And therefore, the word “psychic” has been tainted by religious dogma as being witchcraft or the devil’s work.

But let me ask you this: Would you call creativity witchcraft?

As human beings we all have the same fleshy vessel outfitted with the same receptive tools to receive energetic inputs. Some pray, some create rituals, some meditate to access the inner world and allow inspiration to occur. 

While not everyone is an artist, everyone has creative ability. While not everyone is a psychic medium, everyone has psychic ability.

Even Albert Einstein, a physicist who spent his life analyzing and proving hypotheses understood that there is more at work than can be proven through logic.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~Albert Einstein