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"Highly recommend Siobhan to anyone who needs a bit of direction and some answers in life"

Saloni Mayekar, Mumbai (India)

Posted on March 11, 2019

Saloni Mayekar, Mumbai (India)

I had just come out of a toxic relationship, quit my job and moved half way across the world to be with my family. My mind was a complete chaos. I had a lot of questions and I needed answers. Siobhan was my mentor and confidante at my previous job. When I told her about the mayhem that my life was, she suggested I do a psychic reading with her. I was intrigued but certainly hesitant because of the controversies surrounding the practice. She really put me at ease first by helping me understand the practice. She was honest and practical about how it would help me. I did a skype session with her and it really helped me put things in perspective. Siobhan was very easy to talk to and eloquent. I could feel her calmness and positivity, that immediately reassured me. Overall, I felt more confident and my mind more organized. I was able to prioritize and she really helped me focus on things that were in my control. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone who needs a bit of direction and some answers in life.

But here is the crazy part. I remember asking her about my career and she mentioned that I would be involved in something to do with women’s health. While I have always been working in the healthcare industry, I had no specific focus on women’s health. Fast forward one year and rather randomly I was a co-founder for a company focused on women’s health. I had completely forgotten what she told me until a few months into my job, I met her again and was reminded of our reading.