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"On our go-to list of Psychic Mediums and Séance Conductors"

Janet Hariton, New York City

Posted on March 20, 2019

Janet Hariton, New York City

I have known Siobhan for a few years now as a student of the Holistic Studies Institute of NYC (HIS) as well as a Psychic Medium and Séance Conductor at HSI and the Spiritualist Church of NYC. Ever since Siobhan has become certified, she has been on our list of go-to Psychic Mediums and Séance Conductors for our quarterly Psychic & Healing Fairs as well as our séances. I love to co-conduct séances with Siobhan because she is not only gifted as a psychic medium but she also has an innate ability to put people at ease with her calm demeanor, empathy and professional delivery of her messages. I would highly recommend Siobhan for one-on-one coaching, psychic medium readings, or any event requiring professional mediumship and psychic skills.