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"Great experience and I would definitely go see her again"

Tina Adrian, Salach (Germany)

Posted on January 16, 2019

Tina Adrian, Salach (Germany)

I was 11 years old when my father died and from that day on, I always felt like something was missing in my life. Growing up there were times when I really missed my father. I had the need to talk to him and to hear his voice and his advice. Time passed and the pain became softer but the hole he left remains. Thankfully, today I am able to say that my past life was very good; lots of memories and lots of love.

There were many times that I considered going to see a psychic in an effort to connect with my father but I never did. I was afraid of what they would actually tell me and didn’t know if I was ready to hear the answers to many of my unanswered questions.

Then I met Siobhan through her mother Gillian and learned that she was a psychic medium and had the ability to give readings. Meeting Siobhan personally first, gave me the courage to go to her for a reading.

During the reading, she was able to connect with my father. I never told Siobhan how my father died but she knew because he told her that his organs failed due to his excessive drinking. This was all the proof I needed that she was actually connecting with him. He went on to tell her that he is very proud of me, which was something I was longing to hear for so very long. He apologized for some transgressions in the past and that he caused us so much pain. He told Siobhan that he accompanies me on my car rides which made me laugh then, and still does.

Besides connecting with my father, she was also able to answer a lot of questions pertaining to my current life. I wasn’t able to believe all she was saying back then but most of what Siobhan predicted was more than right and has actually manifested.

I never had much luck with men and had just gone through a break up shortly before the reading. Spirit was able to convey to Siobhan that I would meet someone in near future, get married and have a family. About 7 months later I met my now fiancé and we are getting married in July. My entire life changed within a year. Even though some of the predictions seemed impossible to me back then, it still gave me hope to know I would not end up alone.

I am more than grateful for this great reading I had with Siobhan. The lovely messages from my father gave me closure that I had been craving for most of my life and she also gave me hope for my future.

For me personally, it was a great experience and I would definitely go see her again.